"Just to give an update of how I'm getting on with the wishon irons - I'm hitting them great - my handicap has gone down from 13 to 9 and my game has never been in a better shape - it's possibly the best move I've made in terms of equipment and I would recommend them to anybody."

"Officially off 9 handicap now been worth all the tuition and practice this year, look forward to the rest!”


" I have some good news for you Carla. I won my golf weekend at Penrith golf club breaking 80 for the first time in the process, I shot 78!
I have just nipped to the driving range to try out the changes from the lesson and they worked great felt I had so much more power and hit some great drives. Very happy! Thankyou."
Tom Hcp 12

“Hi Carla, I played at Hesketh golf club on Friday with some members whom I last played with pre lessons they noticed a marked improvement in my golf. I said it was all down to your expert tuition!"
Peter Hcp 16

"Just played my first round with my new Wishon clubs it went really well, four pars and a birdie! The 919 driver I am very impressed with, straight and long. If you asked me £100 more for it I would pay it! The irons feel very solid.

Thank you very much for all your impact to make my golf game more enjoyable, it's been worth every penny."
Pete Hcp 20

"Just a quick update on my Wishon 771csi irons, 919 driver and 5 wood. They are superb I had a gross 78 best ever score, made up!"
Phil Hcp 12

"That Seemore putter fitting you did for me was a revelation. I would recommend a Seemore putter fit to anybody, it has worked wonders thank you so much Carla?"
Ken Hcp 5

"Carla, just an up date on my Sterling Single length irons, they are so consistent, really enjoying my golf now. Played at West Lancs and shot 1 under through 10 holes!"
Mike Hcp 10

"Carla absolutely love my Wishon custom fit golf clubs, hitting them much higher and further."

"First outing with the new Wishon Sterling single length irons yesterday, really enjoyed playing with them and the lesson helped massively. I think my golfing mojo is back. Thanks for all your help Carla."
Sean Hcp 14

I always wanted to play golf and just before I was 50 made a decision to take up the game in preparation for retirement. A good friend and work colleague, who is a well known local amateur playing off a 1 handicap, recommended that I go and see Carla at the Sycamores golf range. Here I was provided with a 7 iron complete with training grip and the first lesson in “throwing the ball”.

Within a few months I had progressed to a beginners set of clubs procured from Carla for under £100 (which she got most of back for me later by re selling) that I proudly thwacked round some local courses, and even some prestigious venues such as Macclesfield (under the watchful eye of Carla) in the illustrious company of all who make up CCGS. (The members epitomise what the game is about – fun, sticking together to further enjoyment and improving our standards as a group).

After a couple of years Carla was reasonably satisfied that my swing had developed and stabilised sufficient to warrant an investment in some new custom fitted clubs, which would last me a lifetime. Various options were discussed but I had seen the response of others at the range that had selected Tom Wishon so it was an easy choice (and surprisingly one of the least expensive).

A custom fit form (which is golf’s version of anthropometrics) is produced, but luckily all you have to do is stand, be measured and drink coffee as Carla completes all the entries, and at the same time notes preference for grips and so forth, aided by the wide variety she holds in stock. Then it is onto the range where swing speed , angle etc etc (all technical stuff) is determined. Two weeks later a club arrives for trial and approval. In my case it was a seven iron. Once Carla is happy you are striking consistently bits of tape are attached to the head and various measurements taken for adjustment. About 2 weeks after that the full set arrives. They then become part of you and would never consider changing. However if the worst should happen Carla and Tom Wishon retain a copy of everything and an exact replacement can be readily obtained.

Since starting I have undertaken a regular weekly lesson – or in my case corrective therapy. This is something I would do anyway as it makes sense, and when the weather is unfavourable you will always turn up for a lesson whereas can easily put of going to the range or the course to re- enforce the bad habits that I naturally (to Carla’s despair) seem to pick up. In hind sight it is also probably much more cost effective than aimlessly hitting 400 balls to try and correct something that is not happening but you don’t know where it is going wrong. Many a time I have had a lesson where a minor issue has been corrected that I would not attribute to the cause and hey presto away we go again until the next lapse. On the positive even my bad shots I now regularly get lucky. With lessons you also get to try all the latest training aids (and there are many of them).

I actually look forward to the lessons as Carla is an excellent coach and they are undertaken in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with plenty of laughter, and you always leave feeling you have achieved something.

I have been working with Carla for the last two years and I consider myself a friend and not just a student.
My handicap has reduced from 28 to 18 and this is due to her tuition and expertise.

It doesn’t sound much, but I must confess I am not the best student to work with. To Carla’s credit it is her persistence and sheer determination that has improved my game to the point where I have just won a board competition at my club and I dedicate this win to her.

Her help is not restricted to the range. I have phoned, text and emailed her on numerous occasions and she is always willing to assist and help with no hesitation. Combine that eith the excellent set of Tom Wishon golf clubs that have been designed and made to fit my game is another reason for my success.

Carla and Tom’s tireless emails, videos and conversations over my swing they have developed a set of clubs to suit my game perfectly. They have made a set of clubs that has made me enjoy every game of golf again.

I have recommended both Carla and Tom to a number of friends and I would not hesitate to promote both of them should anyone ask me in the future.

By chance, I met Carla at the local driving range in my first few weeks of playing the beautiful game of golf. She quickly showed her style of communication and coaching by having a relaxed chat about my current level of play, issues I am having and what I would like to achieve.

When I arrived for my first lesson I was very nervous because of being watched by a stranger. Within five minutes Carla had calmed me down and I felt totally relaxed. When we got into the coaching of the first lesson Carla used a range of techniques, gadgets and gizmos which all helped me achieve the core fundamentals of my own golf swing.

I have currently been playing golf for six years and I have gone from shooting anywhere from 95 to 115 to recently I have been shooting between 75 to 80. My game in general is so much more stable than it used to be, which means i get better consistently on the course especially when under pressure in the competitions.

The most important ability Carla has given me is that I can now coach myself around the course as I am aware of all swing mechanics, paths and ball flights, as well as knowing I have been given the correct “tools” to hit the ball exactly where I want it to go each and every time.

From time to time when things slip a little and I do need a recap or tweak of my swing I know I can just give Carla a quick ring and usually she has sorted out my problem area within 10 minutes of the lesson, which gives me chance to work on other little new shots I have been trying to incorporate into my game.

I can thoroughly recommend Carla as a PGA Teaching Preofessional as all through the start to current day she has been there to improve, tweak and perfect my swing. I couldn’t have done it without her.